We got married…and moved to Texas… and got a puppy….

M and I cannot do anything easy. We didn’t just get married, we got married in the middle of an international move. We didn’t just road trip from California to Texas, we bought a puppy and then road tripped from California to Texas. #wecan’tbetamed

Video above is from our last day in France, we ate at our favorite restaurant and it was all worth it.

September 18th, we moved from France and landed in Seattle, Washington. The following weeks consisted of an incredible bachelorette party, hopping all along the west coast, and planning all those last minute touches.


October 6th was the wedding – pictures to come. We had the ceremony at Christ Our Hope in downtown Seattle, then brought everyone over to the Great Hall at Union Station. An old train station from the 1920s that had been converted into a large ballroom. Everything went great and Marc and I had the time of our lives.

Marc & Kristen_0018

The day after our wedding we flew to Kaui for our honeymoon. Where we sat by the pool for 6 days straight. We did not visit a single museum or cathedral.

Following our honeymoon, we stopped in California for our CA reception before beginning the move.

The move was an event. We road tripped from Washington to California. Took a break to grab our new puppy, Kaiser…

…an 8 week old German Shepherd. We then road tripped from California to our new home in Wichita Falls, Texas.


Wichita Falls has certainly been an experience, and we have barely been here a week. From people trying to convince us Trump is THE one to save us all to spider webs floating in the air like some strange pollen, we are in for an adventure. Each day leaves us with a new story and we are looking forward to this adventure, but approaching with caution. It is looking like Wichita Falls may be more of a challenge than France.

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