Bordeaux, France – Red Wine, Incredible Food, and My Favorite Poster


Day 1

We left Marseille early in the morning and headed for the famous Bordeaux in search for the best wine in France. We arrived pretty late and were greeted by a rainy train station with our hotel just a block down. We picked up some food and were in for the evening. Pretty simple day 1!


Day 2

Our first full day in Bordeaux we woke up early and took a tram to the city center. We passed by some of the coolest parts of the city but started with a quiet square filled with big and beautiful trees shedding their leaves.

We walked along the river, seeing a pretty old boat and what was apparently the “largest reflecting pool in the world.” M and I have our doubts.



Wondering down the street, a few blocks in, we found the longest shopping street in Europe. After walking the whole thing we found it very believable. Most of the shops were touristy, cheap, or common brands.


Every once in a while we would come across a cool antique bookstore.

owdi   skbj

The shopping street ended at a large farmers market where we purchased a vintage book or two.

For lunch, we stopped at a small cafe with a unique interior, yummy crepes, mediocre salad, and delicious classic red Bordeaux wine!


We continued to wander around the city stopping by a cool castle-like structure.



We then continued to the city Cathedral.




Around noon we began getting a bit tired so we returned to the train station by our hotel and visited a Canelé shop. We had seen these sticky treats all over France but they apparently originated on Bordeaux. So we decided to try one with an espresso.


The espresso…deliscious! The canelé, so gross. It looks nothing like it tastes and it has a weird gummy texture with an almost burnt-tasting coating. Not for us.

After a nap, we visited a restaurant M found online called Melodie. It ended up being one of the best meals we have had!

We ate it too quick to take a photo but it was delicious and I found some photos on TripAdvisor. It was that good.

First, for our appetizer, I enjoyed some hot goat cheese salad and M enjoyed Roasted St. Nectarie Cheese with Bacon.

For our main, I had salmon with Chorizo sauce and M ordered the pork tenderloin with old-fashioned mustard sauce.

Our dessert? Lost our minds over the cheesecake with Speculoos and Chestnut Spread.



Day 3

Our last day in Bordeaux and we were determined to get our fill of delicious vin rouge. So we headed out to the city center for our day-long wine tour.


We got there a bit early so we headed to the tourism office and wondered around. There we found this beautiful poster, which now sits in our kitchen.

We met up with our tour before boarding a bus to the wine museum. Yes, there is a wine museum. Well, it was a winery with a wine museum in their cellar. Our tour guide gave us very detailed information. It was almost incredible how much information she knew about wine, more specifically wine in Bordeaux.


The real best part of the tour was the wine tasting at the end, complete with cheese, bread, and chocolate. It was not even 11:00AM.


After the wine museum and tasting, we wandered around the city a bit. Our guide pointed out old buildings that used to be wineries. Eventually, we reached the city center where we enjoyed lunch at a tasty little restaurant called Baud et Millet. It was a pretty big meal. Complete with chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, wine, cafe gourmand, and a cheese sampling. Picked from their giant cheese collection below the restaurant.

We got back on the bus with another large tour group and headed to the countryside. There we visited multiple wineries (more wine tasting!) and got some beautiful views of the vineyards and chateaus. It was especially beautiful as the sun started to set.


After the first winery, I was about done with wine for the day… But we still had a couple more to go.


With each winery, they would explain their process and the history of the vineyard. One even showed us the proper way to sniff, swirl, aerate, and taste wine.


By the last winery, I was handing it all off to M and munching on just cheese and bread. Not so much tipsy, as exhausted from a very full day of drinking multiple types of wine. – It’s a tough life – The bus drove us back to the Bordeaux city center and we headed back to our hotel.


We were in for the night and fell asleep early so we could catch our morning train home to Strasbourg.


Hotel: Best Western

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