Ljubljana, Slovenia – Dragon Bridges, Bees, and a Kangaroo Fountain

In our apartment we have this map of the world. With each country we visit we scratch off that country. It is a good way to visualize how much we have seen and how far we have to go.

A couple months ago we visited Slovakia. So when we got home I went to scratch off Slovakia…I scratched off Slovenia as well. In all fairness our map is very confusing, the boarders are very small and the abbreviations are exactly the same. M later found out that people often get the countries confused and once a month the two governments get together to swap mail incorrectly addressed.

Because of my blunder and because of how close we were, we decided to stop in Slovenia. The next question was where. We picked the capital, Ljubljana. Your guess is as good as mine on how to pronounce it.

Day 1

From Venice we checked out of our hotel and got on a train headed to Ljubljana Slovenia. After a layover with good pizza, bad aracini, and our favorite lemon Peroni beers, we got on a bus that took us to the capital.

IMG_6295_FotorAn AirBnb was our best option for this trip. After checking in we rested for a bit before heading downtown.

Often we have a good idea of what to expect when visiting a country or city. Every so often we will book a trip and have no idea what we will be getting ourselves into. We wonder if a car is the only way to get around. If there are any restaurants around. Or if it is safe to go out at night. Every so often we are pleasantly surprised. Ljubljana was one of those places.

There is nothing touristy about this city. It is all locals. There were beautiful streets filled with completely modern restaurants and bars packed with people enjoying their evening drink.

We did as well. They even had ciders, a personal favorite.



While there is not a lot to do, one activity you can get a kick out of is looking at the beautifully unique bridges.

After walking around for a bit we worked up a hunger and ate at a restaurant called Aroma. It turned out to be located in the oldest home in the city. We realized that when a group of tourists came over and stood right infront of our table. Their tour guide told us all we needed to know.


The food was very good. I got a prosciutto mozzarella risotto and M got a steak. We also ordered an appetizer of cheese pierogis. Thinking it was like the Polish pierogi, but these were very different. They were more like savory cheese “cinnamon bun rolls.” Not our favorite but fun to try a local dish.


Day 2

After waking up much to late we got ready and headed to lunch at a nearby restaurant called Vodnikov Hram. I had the best salad! Also, it may have just been the time of the year but we noticed there are a ton of bees. Everywhere. In the restaurants, fruit stands, and our lunch spot was no exception. We clearly looked like tourists flinching every time one flew onto my plate.

Right at the entrance to the downtown area is a large farmer market. We walked around a bit looking at the clothes, fruits, vegetables, and artisan wood work. We continued to walk around and picked up some stickers and postcards.

Looking over the city, watching us peasants, sits a large castle on top of a very large hill. Fortunately for us there is an elevator that takes visitors to the top.

Visiting the castle.
Can you spot the castle in the distance?

Up the elevator we go, and we snapped away. The great view overlooking the city was nice, but the castle was much prettier.

Lovely views on the way up.
Ride to the castle on the hill.
View of the farmers market from the top of the castle.
Inside view of the castle. There were plenty of restaurants at the top.

We came down from the castle and got a bit of afternoon coffee and cheesecake at a place I do not suggest called Cacao.

A cool fountain we came across.

We returned to our Airbnb for a nap before heading to drinks and dinner. We pregame with a couple of beers and ciders before finding dinner at a very cute place called Paninoteka. I had some delicious almond crusted chicken with polenta. M enjoyed a Slovenian mix plate.

While we were sitting down waiting for a meal, I noticed a massive spider on the ceiling above M’s head. I couldn’t stop staring at it and M didn’t want to smack a restaurant wall with the bottom of his shoe. A waitress noticed our concern and simply took a tissue and smushed the spider….like she was just wiping up some spilled milk. These people are pretty tough.


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