San Marino – Valleys, Small Countries, and Chinese Food

Day 18 was going to be packed with trains and busses, with a stop in a small country. San Marino is a little plot of land on the east side of the pinnensula, half way between Rome to Venice.

We left Rome bright and early to board two trains to San Marino. We arrived in a small nearby town and dropped off our luggage at a hotel for the evening. Then boarded a bus that would take us to the main city of the small country.


San Marino is mostly farmland, but the real site to see is ontop of a hill overlooking most of the country. The bus took us to the top of this hill to the center of their main city.


We arrived and took tons of photos along the way to get our passport stamped! We are in a new country after all.


As soon as we walked outside it started to rain pretty bad, so we hoped into the first restaurant we saw and ordered some lunch. Luckily the restaurant was pretty good. We filled up on wine, pizza, and double espressos.


We worked our was down the hill stopping at a few small shops along the way. Picking up postcards and stickers of course.

Not to be confused with the American Target.

Once we reached the bottom of the hill we waited a bit for our bus then carried on. Two trains later and we arrived in Venice at 10:00PM.

It was an early morning and long day for us. We hadn’t eaten much but went out looking for something small which is when we came across a Chinese food restaurant called Orient Express. We love Chinese and after a consistent diet of pasta and pizza we needed a change.

Turned out to be some of the best Chinese food we have had in all of Europe.


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