South of France – Yachts, Beaches, and Photos

The next stop on our family trip was Nice. We left our hotel shortly after the sun rose and boarded a 6 hour train headed south.

Once we reached the shore we dropped our bags and explored the boardwalk. Mediteranian for lunch and a couple shots of the shore made our afternoon. But we were overwhelmed by the rocks. Never have I seen such rocky shores, it had us desperately wishing for watershoes. Our group did some window shopping and slushy slurping before we headed to our AirBnb and cooked up some dinner.

The next day we attempted to see anything and everything. Starting with taking a short train ride to Eze. A small city on top of a hill just required a very crowded bus ride to the top. Elbows were thrown and tourists from less courteous countries made it known.

Eze is arguably one of the most photogenic cities in France.




After our quick tour we took another train to Beaulieu where we enjoyed lunch at a small cafe. Not too far from the beach we soaked our feet in the shores, enjoying sand and limited rocks.

Our last stop was Monaco. A wealth country with a lot of yachts and nice cars, but not a lot of space. Our first stop was gelato, everyone was starting to slow down and we needed a pick me up.


Not a lot to see in Monaco so we started with the Monaco Palace. A bit of a walk up a hill but nothing terrible. We enjoyed the view, took some photos, and even saw the Monte Carlo Casino.


Exhausted and in need of a shower after the hot / humid day, we returned to our AirBnb and munched on some pizzas.

About half way through our trip we decided to take a day off. Beach day!

But first, we took an elevator to the top of Castle Hill. A beautiful hill overlooking all of Nice, providing some pretty great views.


Very cutely, M’s niece was disappointed we were not immediately visiting the beach. So we told her that Uncle M got us lost and she had to help us find the beach and said, “There it is.”

With the help of the little one we went down to the water. Split up for lunch and spent the rest of the day enjoying the water, encountering the rocks, and trying to avoid eye contact with women wearing only speedos.

With red cheeks, sand in our hair and salty skin we walked back to our AirBnb. But not before picking up some slushes and Aloe.

Our last day in Nice we woke up much later then the sun. Packed our suitcases and cleaned the AirBnb a bit. We got some sandwiches and boarded the train for Strasbourg. A layover in Paris and some ok train food we eventually made it home. Introducing everyone to our French apartment.

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