Bratislava, Slovakia – Festivals, Beer and Gardens

Some countries we visit simply because we know nothing about them and wanted to drop in. Bratislava, Slovakia, was one of those locations.

We arrived in Bratislava a little lost. Leaving the train station there is not much around. You may even think you are in the middle of a suburb. After a 15 minute walk through a pretty empty city / suburb we found our hotel.


Bratislava is a quiet city with a small downtown. Once you pass the ancient city walls you will find plenty of shops, town squares and restaurants. We entered the town to find a festival.  In the middle of one of the squares was a stage where groups of children and teens would go onstage and perform dances in traditional dress.


After walking around the festival for a while and checking out other vendors we picked up dinner. Traditional garlic soup, a beef stew and fried cheese. Yes..fried cheese is a dish in Slovakia.

The following day we started with a very yummy breakfast from a great cafe.


With full bellies we walked to the Bratislava castle and walked around for a bit. Got some gelato and took the rest of the evening easy.

For dinner? Pierogis, goulash and gnocchi.


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