Budapest, Hungary – Views, Spas, and Flatbreads

The train to Budapest was a doozy but a heck of a lot better then our last night train. As soon as we boarded we attempted to fall asleep. O, and did I mention we got to share a lovely train bathroom with the entire car?


Once we arrived in Budapest we dropped off our bags at the hotel and got some coffee / nourishment in our system. Much needed. Pictured: Orange juice and Tiramisu Late.


The city of Budapest hugs the Danube River and from the hilltops you can witness some charming viewpoints. We made our way towards the bank and found a large bridge we walked across. On the other side of a bridge was a fountain that looked like it could have been from Game of Thrones or some “other-world” movie. We hiked to the top of the waterfall as it overlooked the entire city.

Just up the river is the Budapest Castle…the Buda Castle. Gorgeous. We took tons of photos and enjoyed a drink overlooking the city.



We hoped over to the other side of the river and visited the Great Market Hall. A giant warehouse filled with fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and cut meats, wine and spices. Go up a floor and you will find every possible Budapest souvenir. As well as a bunch of tasty food stands with Hungarian specialities. We treated ourselves to a savory flatbread.


We returned to our hotel for a bit before heading out again to a Hungarian spa. Which is essentially a public pool.  There was a wave pool, a bar we enjoyed and varying baths at different temperatures.

We grabbed dinner from a Hungarian restaurant on the way back. Something we did notice about Hungry was the sneaky way additional costs are added. O, you want to eat your flatbread on a plate and not a napkin? 3 Euros. O, you wanted fries with your meal like the photo? 5 Euros. Something to be aware of when visiting.


Budapest was about the halfway point in our trip and we were in need of some relaxation. We opted to get a McDonalds breakfast and hit another spa for the day (pictured above). We swam for a bit and got couples massage. It started to rain which made swimming in a whirl pool a bit more fun and cold. The hot tubs inside were not the cleanest so we got dressed and left.


Our stay in Budapest ended with a Netflix binge, Italian food, and beer.


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