Krakow, Poland – Pottery, Pierogis, and Fire Breathing Dragons

The next stop on our trip was Krakow Poland. Why Krakow? This city on the rise is located just over an hour away from Auschweitz. A site that has been on our bucket list for a while.

After a quick breakfast in Prague we boarded our 7 hour long train for Krakow. As soon as we got onboard we realized…the train had no restaurant. We were about to embark on a 7 hour journey without any food and I am known to get hangry.

Once we arrived in Krakow, hangry, we rushed to our hotel, dropped off our bags and visited a subway next-door. We scarfed down a couple footings and then got some ice cream as we wondered the new city.


We peeked into stores and searched for polish pottery. A souvenir good friends of our told us we had to check out while visiting. Turns our Polish pottery is super popular, durable, and o so pretty. So we had our eyes peeled.

We were also very aware that our hotel was right across the street from a brothel….well I was pretty sure it was a brothel. M for some reason thought it was just a laser tag place. But just outside, women in little clothing would approach and flirt with men walking by trying to get them to come in. They did not approach us to play laser tag.

The following day we went to Auschwitz. We learned a lot and took lots of photos, but we did this in a separate post. To learn more about our experience visiting Auschwitz, click here.

Once back in town we ended the evening with drinks and delicious Polish food. Pierogis, homemade lemonade and live music to cheer us up from a grim day.

Our last day in Poland was due to be a long one. We were headed to Budapest that night on a night train leaving around 9:00PM. So we left our bags at our hotel and got a good Polish Brunch at Milkbar Tomasza. Some spinach feta pancakes for one and a Latin omelette for another.



We walked the city castle overlooking a river with some beautiful scenery. In the sweltering heat we purchased a couple ice cream cones….and them spilled them all down the front of us. Oops

Walking down the river you will see a few street vendors, sun bathers, children screaming, and a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON!


Continuing to the Jewish neighborhood we visited the Synagogue and the cemetery.

During WW2 the Nazi soldiers removed Jewish tomb stones and arranged them to build new roads.


Once the war ended the tomb stones used were dug up and formed to create a memorial.


On the way back to pick up our luggage we stopped at the old cotton trading center and picked up some Polish pottery. Which I am now in love with.



Here are some photos from other parts of the city we visited…

Visiting Poland? Interested in picking up some Polish pottery? Check out this helpful link on how to determine the best pottery and where to buy it.


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