Salzburg, Austria – Do Re Me, Salt Mines, and Mozart

For a while there have been rumors of a wanderlust gene. Apparently some people have a sense of travel and adventure in their DNA. It is quit possible that my family has this gene. Last January my cousin took part in a semester at sea. She traveled from the West coast to Hawaii, all around Asia, Africa, and concluded her journey in Europe this April. While she visited some last minute countries in Europe, M and I decided to join her in Salzburg.

We arrived in Salzburg late in the afternoon, met my cousin and checked into our hotel. I had visited Salzburg while studying abroad years ago but did not visit for long. Unsure about what the city had to offered, we wondered around looking for the city center.

While heading towards the downtown we stumbled upon a beautiful garden. Walking around, we realized it was the “Do Re Me” garden from the Sound of Music! Which immediately made it more exciting. The three of us reenacted the movie, skipping around and singing in our play clothes…just kidding. We worked up an appetite which was satisfied by the best German food and beers.


In a prior trip to Salzburg I had visited some salt mines. Not sure how famous their salt mines are but it was a very well advertised attraction. We booked our tickets, picked up our Starbucks, and took an hour bus ride into the mountains. Where it was heavily snowing.
We checked in for our salt mines tour and boarded a little train deep into the earth. We learned about salt, how salt is mined and flew down giant slides in the deep caves. After the tour we took the bus back into the center of Salzburg. From there we visited some historical landmarks including, lunch at the Mozart Cafe and Mozart’s birthplace.
Due to the heavy heavy rains, we checked out some souvenir shops, napped, and then had dinner at a nearby German hotel / restaurant. We ate too much sausage, noodles, beer, and strudels.

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