Bruges, Belgium – Not a f***ing s***-hole

After exploring the fortress that is Luxembourg City we hoped on a train and headed to Brudges Belgium. However, this was no easy trip. This required us to wait an hour for a train that never came.

Dont worry. We eventually got on a train that took us to Bruges. It just took ALL DAY. Once we arrived in Bruges we checked into our hotel.

Our cozy cottage
With a view of some gardens, which I imagine are beautiful in the spring

After checking in we wandered around bruges but not before stuffing ourselves a bit of chocolate. They have chocolate stores like Washington has coffee shops. They’re everywhere and everyone is very skilled in the art of chocolate making. Not only does their chocolate taste great but they get VERY creative with their shapes and choco-sculptures.


We got a small selection of chocolate from a specialty store our hotel suggested.

Another food we saw everyone eating was fries and waffles. We walked around and found a small mom and pop place selling delicious smelling frites. M and I got an order then enjoyed some crispy golden fries with one of Europe’s spicy Algerian sauces.


Exhausted, we went back to the hotel for a bit. Then got hungry again and went out to dinner. Something I noticed about Bruges is it really caters to the middle class. Everything is averaged priced and up. And the average priced places are pretty nice. We had dinner at a fantastic restaurant with charming but updated decor. The food was yummy and quick. We got a great deal for $20…an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Not bad.


*The title is in reference to a movie called, “In Bruges”. The main character, Colin Farrell, repeatedly says throughout the movie, “Bruges is a fucking shit-hole.”

**We have concluded this is ironic, due to the copious amounts of chocolate, waffles and fries.

***If you have any issues viewing any of the photos, please let us know! We have been having a few difficulties.



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