Luxembourg – Bridges, walls, and coffee

M is on spring break!

So we packed our bags and headed north to Luxembourg. This will be my first time to the little country. While M visited Luxembourg City a little over a year ago. First off, the city is gorgeous. When M’s grandfather came to Europe during WW2 he said Luxembourg was the his favorite city and now I understand why. It is truly unique. What makes this city so different is the ruins and valley surrounding it. There is still so much history and evidence of a once tiny town protected by natural and man made fortresses.

We took the train north to Luxembourg…now it is not uncommon for there to be labor strikes in Europe. Often times they are train workers leading the strike. So when we found out our train was cancelled we freaked out assuming it was due to a strike. Turns out a train derailed causing us to take a bus part of the way. No big deal.

We arrived in Luxembourg City then took a short walk to our hotel. After settling in we walked across a giant bridge and into the city center. The bridges here are pretty spectacular. Mainly because they provide you beautiful views of the large valleys below. We took a few photos then continued to walk into the city. For a friday evening it was pretty empty.

We stopped at a cafe for a Nutella and carmel mocha…um yum! Then continued exploring the city. Unfortunately it started drizzling. I checked the weather for the rest of our trip and it looked like we would be following the rain. We picked up a small umbrella from a souvenir store and as soon as we went outside it was raining…hard. Thank goodness we stopped. I attempted to take some pictures of the Luxembourg royal palace. We continued walking towards better views of the bridge but unfortunately the rain was just to much for us and our fragile umbrella. We walked back to the hotel and stayed in for the night. We got McDonalds next door to our hotel and I am not even ashamed.


The next day started off a lot better. When we left our hotel there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We started our day by exploring the ruins and “the gold lady”. They are everywhere and it is breathtaking.

Following a bit of sightseeing we stopped at a small brasserie for lunch. The food was pretty good but took forever. I ordered a warm goat cheese and honey salad (a new favorite of mine since arriving in Europe). I wish I had gotten a photo because I never thought there was such a thing as to much cheese….but goodness they did it. An hour and a half after ordering we got our food…scarffed it down and left.

We continued to walk around the city and look at their small shops. We went back to the Luxembourg palace for some better photos. Then decided to rest at a small caffe for some cafe au lait.

Tired from our coffee we went back to our hotel room for a nap. Later that evening we ventured back out into the city and enjoyed some dinner.

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