Switzerland Day 2 – Tour of Zurich, Alps, and Liechtenstein

We woke up early and got breakfast from our hotel, then went next door for Starbucks. #ohsoAmerican

M found a great tour that would help us see quit a bit of Zurich, some nearby towns, and Liechtenstein. It worried us a bit at first because only 1 other person showed up for the tour and they almost cancelled it. Fortunately, 2 people booked last minute. It was a pretty great tour with our small size.


They started the tour with some of the most beautiful places in Zurich. We saw rivers, congress, churches, and the largest clock in Europe. Surprisingly Big Ben is not the biggest. The Zurich clock is definitely bigger but more difficult to find.

We drove a little out of the city to a small town. But first we made a quick stop to the Lindt factory. It smelled like heaven. Our tour guide told us not to buy chocolate here because it was inflated, but everyone on the tour felt helpless to the heavenly aroma and we bought a bunch.

After the factory we went into the town and saw a beautiful church. We then had a quick lunch of “quiche” or “cheesecake”….we were told it was quiche and we were told it was cheesecake. It was neither of those things. It was basically a grilled cheese pie.

After lunch we started the drive to Liechtenstein. There were a couple stops along the way, one was an adorable small town. Another stop was a house over 600 years old.

The views along the drive were incredible.

Once we arrived in Liechtenstein  we got out and walked around for a bit. M and I picked up some souvenirs and got an expresso. We took some pictures of the Liechtenstein palace where the king lives. We were also told to keep an eye out for him because he has been known to just walk around the city. No luck.


The tour was advertised as a Heidiland tour, which apparently is more of a summer tour. In the winter it is to cold to walk around Heidiland in the forest. Which we didn’t mind. Heidiland is based off the book Heidi. A children’s story about a little girl living with her grandfather. None of us knew the story so he gave us a quick rundown of the story. Cute book.

On the drive back we stopped on the side of the road for some photos infront of the alps which we just incredible.

After our tour we asked our hotel for a dinner recommendation and they suggested Walliser Keller. Fondu is the national food of Switzerland and this restaurant specialized in just that. Since we are living in France fondu is not hard to come by but we decided to give it a try. We had no clue how to read the menu and the waitress wasn’t much help so we just ordered under the meat column. We ended up getting a fancy plate with 7 sauces, unlimited fries, and some red meat we got to cook in hot oil. It was amazingly fun! There wasn’t any cheese but it was still pretty good.

It was our last day in Switzerland and the following day we packed, got breakfast and did a bit of shopping for chocolate, postcards and cheap coffee. We boarded the train for home. I nearly died running in the freezing cold when we had to switch trains in 5 minutes.


After a while on the train I looked over and noticed…


mom: this is my life now…

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