Switzerland Day 1 – Irish Roman Spa Ritual

It was the weekend before Valentines Day and M surprised me with a trip to Zurich Switzerland! We have both been to Switzerland but this was our first time to Zurich. It was also a chance for us to reach our goal of visiting every country in Europe and cross off Liechtenstein.

From Strasbourg we took two trains down to Zurich. If you plan on going to Switzerland be prepared for overpriced everything. Switzerland is expensive! We got two mediocre plates of pasta on the train ride in, $40 for two plates of pasta and a bottled water. Ridiculous!

We stayed at a pretty nice and relatively cheap hotel next to the train station. A great place for a short weekend visit. If you do check out the hotel, know that the rooms look nothing like the photos.

After we dropped off our bags we headed to the Thermalbad Spa for an Irish Roman Spa ritual. If you don’t know what an Irish Roman Spa ritual is, don’t worry we are still unsure. We arrived at the spa and tried to communicate our reservations to a receptionist who claimed she spoke English. We still don’t believe her.

The spa was gorgeous. It had low lighting, heated tile floors, and was beautifully decorated. Understandably, pictures were not allowed.  We got changed and tried to figure out where to begin.

M and I have never been to a spa so for the first 20 minutes we walked around like lost ducklings trying to ask people, who only spoke German, for help. Finally we found a janitor who helped us.

We began the Irish Roman Spa Ritual. It started with a steam bath. It felt like we were in Bali x 10 with the heat. It did smell a lot better than Bali. Then we went to an exfoliating shower with some yummy scented scrub. We then went to another steam bath which was even hotter than the first. Following that bath we were lead to a series of jacuzzi pools, 9 total. With different temperatures and jet speeds. Some had places to sit and lay down with little water walk ways to swim through. It was like a calm jacuzzi theme park. After we finished the ritual we took an elevator to the roof top. Where you guessed it, we enjoyed another jacuzzi overlooking the city.

We enjoyed some snacks and then went back into the jacuzzis. We made sure to get our moneys worth! We ended our visit with one last rest on the roof top but this time at night. The city and night sky was beautiful.

After the spa we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

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