Lisbon Day 1 – Oldest Coffee House, Elevators, Pastel de Nata and Cod

We arrived in Lisbon!




At 7:00AM our train entered the Lisbon train station. We found our hotel, dropped off our bags and enjoyed their complimentary breakfast. First off, we LOVED our hotel. It is a hotel and cafe all in one. The food was delicious and fantastic for a European hotel breakfast. Our room was gorgeous. It came with  a Marshall radio, large Mac and iPad! Aside from the fun gadgets it was beautifully decorated. If visiting Lisbon we highly recommend this place.





M and I decided to do another bus tour. We didn’t know very much about the city but wanted to see all of it. We took a hop on hop off bus tour around the city. Learned quit a bit but our favorite part was seeing all the beautiful tile work on the buildings.

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On our tour we saw the April 25th Bridge, very original name. April 25th is basically their independence date. The bridge looks very similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in structure and color. Then across the river there is a statue very similar to Christ the Redeemer is Brazil.

Following our bus tour we went to the oldest coffee house in Lisbon. We ordered some cappuccinos and Pastel de Nata. The Pastel de Nata is amazing. It is like a creamy vanilla custard. Our waiter suggested we sprinkle it with cinnamon and it was just heavenly.


On our bus tour we saw an old elevator that took you to the top of a building overlooking the city. M and I headed over to the elevator and got the most amazing views of Lisbon.

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M and I boarded the bus again and took it to the beach where there were a bunch of restaurants and the Padrao dos Descobrimentos. A large statue along the waterfront…ehhh history. Back to the food. So we found a restaurant with amazing shrimp cooked in tons of butter and garlic. M had some sort of baked cod with potatoes. I had Portuguese steak that reminded me a lot of Hawaiian Loco Moco. So good! We took some pictures of the statue then got back on the bus and headed to the hotel. Also found these interesting rocks, men were just stacking them really high for money….good for them. If you don’t want to ask people for money, can’t sing or play instruments, why not stack rocks? Was interesting…

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