Madrid Day 1 – Travel Day

Feeling only slightly better I reluctantly woke up and with the help of M got ready to travel to Madrid. We took a taxi to our train station and boarded a 3 hour train to Madrid.

For two countries being so close, France and Germany, they have very different cultures. This is easily noticed when using public transportation. Take a Parisian subway or French train and it will be dead silent. No matter the time of day. Take a Spanish subway or train and it will be filled with children laughing, people talking and on their phones. Nothing wrong with either but M and I chuckled at the very noticeable difference.

We arrived in Madrid and after a short subway ride we arrived at our AirBnb. This one had its pros and cons. Pro, absolutely best location in Madrid. Con, it wasn’t that nice and smelled like smoke.

After settling in we walked around a bit and got some dinner. M finally got his paella and I had a smoothie with some noodles. Viva la Espana!

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