Barcelona Day 3 – La Sagrada Familia, sick day, & our top tips for visiting Barcelona!

I woke up early to a terrible illness. And I am going to leave it at that.

We went out for our tour to La Sagrada Familia. It was gorgeous in there. The inside looks like a forest with pillars shaped like trees. The ceiling carved to resemble the canopy of a forest. Gorgeous!

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Then we went back to our hotel where I slept the rest of the day sadly.

Top 4 Tips for Visiting Barcelona!

  1. Buy Tickets online – We made the mistake of buying Hop on Hop off tickets the day of. Only to not be able to visit most of the locations we wanted to see. One of the reasons for this? We didn’t have tickets and needed to buy ahead of time. If there are big ticket items you really want to see in Barcelona check online. Specifically the La Sagrada Familia.
  2. Know hours of operations – We thought we were being smart traveling on Sunday, but we forgot to check for cultural holidays. Turns out it was the day they recognize the 3 wise men arriving in Bethlehem. Which they go all out for. Some would say it is bigger than Christmas. This left a lot of museums and restaurants closed. Similar to buying tickets online, know the big ticket item hours of operations
  3. Tapas, tapas, tapas – We loved the tapas bars in Barcelona. There were so many to choose from and we got to try a little bit of everything. Our first night we yelped a fantastic restaurant. That we can’t find the name to now 😦 But the second night it was just mediocre tapas and I believe they gave me my terrible illness. Look up tapas restaurants for the best experience!
  4. DO the Hop on/hop off buss tour –  We were hesitant at first but it turned out be really great! Rather then spending time trying to find each location, paying for the subway, and stressing out, we got to enjoy a bus ride of the city and see everything we wanted to and more. Barcelona has an especially great tour since there are two route options for one ticket. You definitely cannot do both in one day but we just sat on the bus and rode the second line all the way around. It was quit enjoyable.

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