Paris Day 6 – Disneyland & 8 things you should know before visiting

A full day at Disneyland ! (Scroll to bottom with our top 7 things to know before going to Disneyland Paris)

With the Disneyland passes we bought we were eligible for the Disneyland magic hours. This allowed us to enter some sections 2 hours early. After a terrible breakfast from our hotel and 30 minute wait for the bus ride we entered the park. M and I got Ratatouille fast passes and headed straight for Space Mountain. With only a 5 minute wait, we rode it 3 times in a row.


About 10 minutes before the park opened we waited at the front of the line to enter Adventure land. M had been wanting to ride Thunder Mountain for a while and the wait was always terrible. As soon as it turned 10:00AM everyone started running towards Space Mountain. It basically turned into a race to see who could get in line first. Even with us being at the front it was about a 10 minute wait. People get competitive at Disneyland.

For lunch we had probably the best American food we have had since we arrived in France. Ribs! At a restaurant in their Adventure land theme park you can get a full meal with 3 giant ribs. Can’t tell if we were just hungry or they were that good but we licked them clean. The best part was watching the other non-Americans fiddle around with the ribs not knowing exactly how to eat. Meanwhile, we looked like animals digging into the meaty goodness.

Like yesterday, the park and dinner hours were terrible. We couldn’t get dinner reservations anywhere. So we waited until after the 7:00PM fireworks. Which were cool but not nearly as big as Disneyland CA. Most of the show was Frozen and little girls singing Let it go.

After the fireworks we hurried out of the park and got a table at the Rainforest Cafe. Fairly good for French people trying to cook American food.

Quick note on the rides if you do visit. There is an Aerosmith ride that seems pretty underrated. It is very similar to Space Mountain but with half the wait. A ride/experience I do not suggest is the Armegedon show. They try to make it all cute like you are actors in the movie but it is just a lot of loud noise and sound effects as you stand in a room.


8 Things to know before going to Disneyland Paris

  1. Know the hours – It was not until our third trip to Disneyland Paris that we found out the park closed early on some days. As in 7:00PM early. That is pretty early for a European vacation. Especially when most people don’t start eating dinner until 7:30. Know the hours and plan your day out better!
  2. Know your breakfast, lunch, and dinner options – During our most recent trip to Disneyland we had quit a few problems with getting food. First, Disneyland CA is fantastic at getting people through the line quickly. However, this is not the case with Disneyland Paris. The food lines are often longer and they have few options with both sit down and fast food options. This gets even more challenging around dinner time when the park closes at 7:00PM. We suggest eating lunch slightly early and making dinner reservations a day or two early
  3. Disneyland Paris does not update their attractions as quickly as other parks – I grew up very close to Disneyland CA so new attractions and upgrades were frequent. Not the case with Disneyland Paris. They still had the original Star Tours. Which is nice if you are looking for nostalgia.
  4. It is CHEAPER – Fortunately, if you have been to any of the other Disney theme parks you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that everything is significantly cheaper than the typical Disney price ranges.
  5. Visit both parks – While there are some unique rides and things to do in Disneyland, there is a lot worth while in Walt Disney Studios. There are unique and fast rides, roller coasters, and fun shows to see. Not to mention number 7…
  6. Seek out what makes Disneyland Paris unique – In our last visit I went with my mother. Since she has been to Disneyland CA quit a bit she wanted to see the unique features of Disneyland. Understandable. One of the unique features of the Disneyland Paris castle is the dragon  in the dungeon. We had a hard time finding it but if you ask a cast member they can easily point you in the correct direction. Also their space mountain ride has loops and is the fastest in operation out of all the Space Mountain rides. It is a must!
  7. Ratatouille – The first thing you should do when you arrive at the park is get fast pass rides for the Ratatouille ride at Walt Disney Studios. The wait is always 45+ minutes long (unless you take advantage of single rider) and it is one of the most imaginative rides at Disneyland. Other than making you feel like you are in the heart of Paris, is like another version of “Soarin’ Over California”. It is our favorite ride and such a fun experience when visiting Paris.
  8. Get the app – There is a specifically Disneyland Paris app and it is FREE! It gives you wait times, closed rides, a map, and restaurant guide. Originally when I downloaded it I didn’t think I would use it very much but I use it constantly throughout our trips. Definitely worth checking out!



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