Paris Day 4 – Disneyland Paris

We had been debating on visiting Disneyland with my parents for a while and on the last day we just decided to do it. My brother wasn’t feeling well enough to go and my father wanted to revisit the Louvre. So my mother, M and I headed north to Disneyland Paris.

I love Disneyland, it is one of the things I have missed most about California. So for my birthday M decided to buy us Disneyland passes. They are much cheaper then back home and after just a couple visits we already get our money back.


We got our passes/tickets and headed to our first rides at the Walt Disney Studios. It is the second park at Disneyland Paris and is similar to California Adventure. Walt Disney Studios is hollywood themed with movies and bands. The most popular being Ratatouille and like many popular rides at Disneyland you have to get fast passes before noon or wait 2 hours to get on the ride.

While we were inside we noticed people were walking around with their hoods on and umbrellas ups. Rain? Reluctantly we went outside to go on our next ride and realized it wasn’t rain, but snow! It was snowing! And not like light snowing where it just melts. Real heavy snow! This was very exciting for my mom and I since we rarely get to see it snow this much. It certainly made the day much more exciting.

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We spent the rest of the day going on rides that unexpectedly turned into roller coasters and ate lots of yummy Disneyland food. And M’s bacon burger from Planet Hollywood ….


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