Normandy Day 4 – Travel to Paris

~Travel Day~

We all got up and packed for our transition to Paris. I gave the pup a few pats before we were on our way out of our AirBnb. M drove us all down to Paris and we checked into our next AirBnb. Heres the thing about AirBnb’s, some places may look mediocre online but can be fantastic in person. Just as some places may look very pleasant, but you cannot wait to leave. Unfortunately, we did not enjoy this AirBnb as much despite its modern looks. Daily cold showers anyone?

M and I had tickets to see Notre-Dame de Paris the musical while my family stayed in. (They weren’t feeling well and had no interest in seeing an all French play.) Notre-Dame de Paris is a lot like the Disney story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. However, this is the real version. Where everyone dies and falls in love with each other. Classic Disney.

M and I got dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours and headed off to the play. While we were on the train there was one stop on the way to the theatre which was especially long. The train continues but then completely stopped at the next station. 10 minutes before the play was supposed to start and the train was shut down due to a suspicious package. We were 15 minutes away by walking. We ran out of the station and randomly found a taxi across the street. With only 10 bucks he quickly drove us to the theatre, we threw the 10 Euros at our driver, left the change and ran into the theater. Found our seats. Then as soon as our jackets came off the lights dimmed.

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