Normandy Day 1 – Travel day to a farmhouse in Normandy

Our morning started at 5:00AM. Our train for Paris left in an hour and we were the only people in Strasbourg awake…

We arrived in Paris a couple hours later and went to Avis rental car. Once again Avis showed what a terrible car company they are. If you ever rent with Avis check your bill to make sure they don’t sneak in 5 different types of apocalypse insurance. *eyeroll*

Also, when you rent a car in Europe expect the car to be one size smaller.

My dad had lost his wallet on the flight over so M would be driving us to Normandy. With my dad in shotgun, I was in the back with my mother and brother. It was a tight squeeze. We made a few stops along the way and got to know the area, three hours later and we were in Normandy at our AirBnb.


A lovely French countryside farmhouse that was converted into a cozy home. Our host provided us with homemade bread, jam, and plenty of wood for our wood burning heater. My parents were in giddy with excitement over this French rustic home.

After my parents calmed down we went out for some dinner.

Downstairs living room
Two adorable bookcases
Our restaurant
My parents inside a giant orniment


When I found out I was moving to France I heard from a number of people how the French are rude and ungrateful towards Americans for WW2. I find that those people made no sacrifices during WW2, know very little about the American/French relationship, and typically have never been to France. If they ever took the opportunity to visit France they would see the American flags hung in the restaurants and shops of Normandy and Brittany. They would know that the Strasbourg Cathedral, a 1000+ year old Cathedral, is dedicated to the officers and soldiers that fought during WW2. We have seen nothing but respect and gratitude for those that served during WW2. We felt this during our entire stay at Normandy.

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