Strasbourg Day 5 – Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

Our morning started off like like normal. We all gathered around our dead crunchy Christmas tree and opened presents.


My mother and I made a huge breakfast for everyone. Ham and cheese rolls, eggs with bacon, tomatoes, onion and cheese, sausage links, croissants, pain du chocolate, coffee, and mimosas (a special request from my younger brother).

We all played with our toys a bit and tried on new sweaters. Continued to beat each other at board games though the evening. We stuffed ourselves with charcuterie(my new favorite thing), Christmas sweets, and tea as we watched the Christmas story and made reference to how similar my father is to Darren McGavin in the movie.


For dinner we had Raclette. The table was covered with sliced meats, cheeses, and veggies. We ate till we could not longer move. Then we ate some more when I brought out my white bread pudding for dessert.

M enjoyed his new Whisky set up with my younger brother. We all packed for an early train ride the next day and finally passed out.

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