Strasbourg Day 1 – Christmas Markets & Cheese

It only seemed appropriate to spend our first day in Strasbourg eating our way through the Christmas market. We started off with the farmers markets. There is a nice sized market near our place where you can buy meat, cheese, Chinese food, and bread. We sampled a bunch of items but ended up with a bag full of sausages and cheese.

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After stocking up on meat and cheese we headed to the Christmas markets. We enjoyed cookies, hot wine, and looked at ornaments as M and I showed my parents around our new home.

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One treat we did get to try was chestnuts roasting over an open fire. Which are honestly terrible. They are bland and have an odd texture. I do not recommend.


After a long day of shopping we made reservations at a restaurant M and I love. It really embraces the love France has for cheese. La Cloche a Fromage


M and I visited this restaurant a couple month ago while searching for somewhere to eat online. Little did we know it was a fantastic experience restaurant. They have raclettes, fondue, and their very own “cheese master”. The pictures really speak for itself.

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Want photos of the pretty Christmas lights in Strasbourg? Prime time is 9:00PM or later during the week. You will be able to get fantastic photos with barely anyone in the streets.



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