London Day 7 – Travel Day & Flams

Travel Day. yay.

We packed and went to a nearby cafe for some traditional English Breakfast. Then checked out of our charming AirBnb and into the train station. We traveled by train from London down through Paris and east towards Strasbourg.

Once we arrived in Strasbourg we quickly showed my parents our apartment and left for a classy establishment called, Flams. If you are not familiar, there is a very popular dish in Aslace called Flammkuche or Tarte Flambee. A taste Flambee is basically a very thin crust pizza with a cream cheese like spread and traditionally pancetta and onion. Yum!


Now the restaurant Flams specializes in these Tartes and not only delivers the traditional Flam but a whole variety of Flams with various French toppings. And a Flam isn’t complete without a beer…


One thought on “London Day 7 – Travel Day & Flams

  1. Thanks for all the posts! It is great to hear about your trip and see the pictures. We will start our plans soon for our trip.
    Michele Corey


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