London Day 6 – Rejected by Harrods and Harry Potter during the holidays

Our last day in London was a tough one. My mother had desperately wanted to get photos taken with Santa at Harrods. Unfortunately, she had been looking for reservations online since October and they were completely booked. She talked with my aunt who was able to get a photo without a reservation, so we thought we would give it a shot. We were quickly and politely rejected.

I found this very confusing about London. During our stay we also wanted to visit the Harry Potter Theme Park, however ticket availability during the period we would be saying there was completely booked. London seems to be very popular during the holidays which is why I am still so surprised by the lack of decorations and general Christmas feelings I had when there. I really like London, but if you are going somewhere for the holidays there are so many other places that really show Christmas spirit better. Anyways….

Harrods was a disappointment. We consoled ourselves with some retail therapy while the boys went to the Churchill War Room.

Like many of our evenings it ended in a cozy pub with some fried fish or meat pie.

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