London Day 3 – The London Eye, The London Dungeon and Hyde Park

We started the day with a delicious Starbucks breakfast and some banter back and forth with the barista about Brexit and Trump. Then headed to our first stop, the London Eye This had been on my bucket list for a while, so I was especially excited.


Equipped with our tickets we boarded the ferris wheel. The wheel is massive. It doesn’t look very high when you are one the ground, but it hits you about 1/4 of the way up then you realize how much farther there is to go. This gave us an incredible view of the city. We snapped away and took in the sights.



Following the London Eye we took part in something that I have to say, my family will never forget. The London Dungon. My father had heard about the London Dungon from a number of people. They would tell them how great and fun it is. I have a message for those people…


We all thought the London Dungon was going to be a sort of educational experience/museum. They would have exhibits with different sorts of torture used back in the day. Maybe an optional audio guide. Yea, that is not what happened.What did take place was a 2+ hour tour through a cheesy tourist trap that gives you a theatrical experience of the history of London. It is in the same building as Madam Tuseos Wax Museum, which should have been our first hint.

If London is the first big city you have ever visited in your life, I would say go ahead and do it. But if you have been to Disneyland or are looking for a more educational experience, prepare to be disappointed.

Following this exhausting 2+ hour tour (which we ditched before it even ended) we sought nourishment to replenish what life we could still savage out of our day.


While London had been a bit disappointing when it came to Christmas decor, we did hear about a Christmas theme park essentially in Hyde Park.

Again, if you have been to Strasbourg, or even Paris for that matter, this can be a bit underwhelming. The majority of Hyde park is a fair. Pop up fair rides, overpriced games, and bright neon lights. Fun, but not what we were looking for during the holidays. There were a couple rows of Christmas markets but nothing incredible. We tried come chocolate truffles from a rude woman and they ended up being terrible. Overall, it was fun to walk around Hyde Park but I wouldn’t say it was a highlight of London during the Christmas time.

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2 thoughts on “London Day 3 – The London Eye, The London Dungeon and Hyde Park

  1. Great photos and looks like you’ve managed to fit in a lot in your day! I’d recommend seeing whats south of the river Thames for a real london experience. Have a look at brixton and clapham for some great drinking spots.

    If you want to shop in the typical London hipster way then check out the local charity shops, I wrote e review recently on a Tooting Octavia Foundation store. Check it out at and let me know what you think.

    Happy blogging x


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