London Dec. 2016 – Day 2

A late start in London, we all took turns getting ready in the charming antique bathroom then headed towards Piccadilly Circus.

Infront of our AirBnb
We found a cute little farm near our flat!

For the past couple years my father had been writing a book on all things Italian.  His publisher is based out of London. So they had a lunch meeting while my mother, brother and I got lunch and went shopping.

Everyone talks about how beautiful London is during the holidays. Honestly, I don’t see it. Maybe we have been spoiled living in Strasbourg. The Christmas lights are underwhelming and we didn’t see very many Christmas markets. You have to consciously go and look for the Christmas decorations and treats. I enjoyed London, but I don’t see the “London at Christmas” hype.

Following our shopping and afternoon tea we met up with my father to walked around the city a bit. We first did some more window shopping. My father got hot chocolate.


My father with his hot chocolate.
My family in front of the museum.
We found some Christmas decorations!
Lovely little shopping center.


We continued to get lost in the city and found ourselves at the British Museum. After a look around and a long rest for our legs, we grabbed some pub food and went home.

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