Thanksgiving in Strasbourg

This past Thursday M and I prepared Thanksgiving for the first time. Quite an experience in a country that does not exactly know how important Pumpkin Pie is at the end of this meal.

We started off the day searching the grocery store for mashed pumpkin, bread for stuffing, and turkey. M then headed off to class for a couple hours. I got started on the cooking.

We made turkey stuffed with stuffing. So good.



Home made mashed potatoes, surprisingly a lot easier than I thought. Amazing.



My attempt at rolls, which turned into a loaf of rock hard bread. No really, we almost broke our knife and table trying to cut this brick. And pumpkin pie, which tasted very squashy. Not the best part of the meal…


We enjoyed our little Thanksgiving, played some Strasbourg Monopoly, and Skype’d our family.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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