We have a home!

We have been in Strasbourg for 62 days and we just moved into our new home! It is a modern duplex right off of the river with not much of a view but an “American kitchen” as explained in the ad.

Our breathtaking view:


Earlier this week we had to drop by Paris for M’s work. We got to enjoy the city for a night and decided to try a restaurant our friends suggested called Rouge Bis. It is right across from the Moulin Rouge and while the food is alright, I would drive from California to France for their French Toast dessert. Probably the best thing we have eaten in France so far. No pictures, we attacked it too quickly.


Following our time in Paris we returned to Strasbourg and moved into our new place.We spent probably 3 hours in Ikea yesterday ordering furniture so it should arrive in about a week. Until then we will be sleeping on a snazzy air mattress. It has just been cleaning and filling the place with plates, cups, blankets, and everything homy.

We really love our place and so excited for everyone to come out and see our new home:)


P.S. Shoutout to the RCTC audit team. Hope you guys can read my w/p from PY!

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