M and I have been in Strasbourg for nearly a month now and unfortunately not much has changed. M has started classes and after being in one hotel for 3 weeks, they became fully booked and we had to move to a new hotel. We believe the place was built for hobbits. There is a large beam that cuts through the middle of the living room requiring us to duck every time we cross the room. Then the shower is built into a tiny corner of the slanted apartment. We are to tall to shower to we have to squat to get the water just above our shoulders. So we are very ready to move.


Our bad luck continues when we found out an apartment we really wanted was taken. The search continues and we are hoping to be in a new place around mid October. To keep ourselves busy and get out of our incredibly terrible hotel we have been doing some touristy excursions around the city.


Our most recent trip was a tram tour. It was not the greatest, they mostly played music and drove us around the city. There was not much dialog so we were kind of disappointed. But it gave us some pretty awesome shots…



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