We have arrived!…..Sort of?

M and I have made it to Strasbourg, where we will be living for the next two years. It has been a very exhausting past couple days.

Our flight to Europe felt quick but did a number on our bodies. The seats left us with back pain for the past couple days and the jet lag has been difficult to overcome this trip. We spent a few days in Germany and drove to Strasbourg today.

The drive was fairly short, however, it took us a couple hours to find our hotel within Strasbourg. We drove around the city, we drove within the city, at one point we found ourselves in a parking lot ran by homeless people. M parked and despite M telling the residents we had a hotel, they had a better hotel they wanted us to stay at. M told them no and we were looking for a hotel we already booked. They finally understood and then one man got on a bike and told us to follow him. We were then driving through the streets following a homeless man on a bike, leading us to our hotel. The only communication be a slight wave of the hand, indicating right, left, or sometimes make a U-turn. It ended with him riding near a parking lot and M realized we were close, we entered the parking lot and the man telling us not to go, but we went in anyways. After parking our car we looked for the man but had no luck, fortunately we were right next to our hotel.

Day 1 in Strasbourg down.

2 thoughts on “We have arrived!…..Sort of?

  1. Strasbourg Day 1 down, indeed!! Congrats. If it’s any consolation, that’s pretty much the story (minus the homeless guy & folks on bicycles) of every European town we’ve driven into. Not long before you’ll be confused for locals. Now go enjoy some Alsacian white wine in little green stemmed glasses.


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