Maui 2016 – Day 8

Our last day in Maui was bittersweet. We woke up and threw all of our remaining food into a pan with some eggs for breakfast then packed up. We drove to the airport, dropped off our car and waited for our flight.

We set a budget for our entire trip and was able to find a first class flight from Maui to LAX under budget. We thought it was a great way to splurge and end the trip. Our assumption was that first class just had better food and more comfortable seats. To our surprise we were led to our cubes with seats that extend out to a bed. Hidden compartments and buttons galore, we were in heaven! There were some other passengers that apparently fly first class Hawaiian airlines like twice a month (mmmm quit), who did not know Hawaiian airlines had these seats. Turns out Hawaiian airlines has been upgrading their cabins and this is the only plane to have been remodeled and it was done only a month ago! Our luck!

It was a great flight, however there seemed to be a constant stream of turbulence. The stewardess saw that I was a little uncomfortable and this conversation actually happened:

Stewardess: Honey, is everything ok?

K: Yea, I just don’t like turbulance

Stewardess: O, well if it makes you feel any better its not turbulence


Stewardess: It is the stream from a plane in front of us.


Overall the stewardess was incredibly nice and even gave me a little liquid courage to ease my nerves. Hello new best friend.

We landed safe and sound at LAX, then had in n out for dinner.

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