Maui 2016 – Day 5

M and I woke up super early, ok earlier then we are used to, and drove to the north side of the island for horseback riding! I have gone horseback riding a number of times, however this was M’s first time. He does not think horses are really all that interesting but I was determined to change his mind.


They greeted us and asked about our experience levels. M explained that this was his first time so they gave him a horse named Fred, which M nicknamed Zoro. I was given a beginner horse as well, named Britney with a cute pink saddle. The ranch is owned by a family with a bunch of land along the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean. We walked around the property and had some wonderful views. Now, we are not sure why but our two horses were the slowest in the group. They both HATED going down hill and lets just say it was a slow ride.


Towards the end of the ride our instructor said we could run up this hill with our horse. I don’t know what got into Britney but she loves running up hill, so I really got to enjoy that. Since M’s horse was going so slow earlier our instructor gave M some long twigs to kind of whip the horse and get him moving. This did not help. When Fred attempted to run, it seemed as though he actually slowed down even more.

We finished the rest of the ride and drove back to our place to get cleaned up. We again decided to finish the day off by going to the beach and relaxing some more.


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