Maui 2016 – Day 4

Today was a free day for us so we looked up some things around the island we wanted to do, one of them being the Sugar Factory.We had seen signs driving in from the airport of a Sugar Museum so we decided to go back and check it out.

Overall, the museum was pretty run down, then again it was understandable when at the end we learned that this year is the last year Hawaii would have a sugar cane harvest. Apparently, the sugar cane was not bringing in enough money and it would close down in December. This made us feel less guilty about paying $7 for the museum. The museum showed the history of Hawaii and the sugar cane, then explained how it is processed. At the end we picked up some sugar cane to bring back and try with family and friends. M also picked up an IZ CD, a small souvenir we got to enjoy during our time there.


We took the rest of the afternoon easy, walking to a beach across from our condo and just enjoying some Hawaiian Sun.



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