Maui 2016 – Day 3

M and I decided to take today easy and start with breakfast at Moose McGillycuddys. A famous Hawaiian breakfast place. We enjoyed out breakfast with some Baileys and Coffee then got ready for the beach. We packed up and drove to the west side of the island where all the higher end hotels are and laid around their beaches. M has a new love for snorkeling so he brings them everywhere. Which was pretty great for this beach due to all the coral and fish we were able to snorkel around and see.

Following the beach we went to Hilo Hatties and picked up some gifts for ourselves and a Hawaiian shirt for M. Cause tonight we are going to a Luau!

We made reservations at the Old Lahaina Luau. Once we got there they handed me a flower to put in my hair (putting it in on the left side means I’m taken, who knew?) and we got some Mai Tai’s. Yay! Open Bar! and thank goodness because the drinks were weak. I had 3 and didn’t feel a thing. We walked around the ground, watching the sunset and see them reveal the dead pig. Oink! Then took our seats and watched some hula. We enjoyed a lot of foods we had never tried before. Like Taro chips, sweet guava butter, Poi (not a fan), and different seafood recipes.


They continued with the Luau by showing us the history of the Hawaiians and the Hula. Which was pretty interesting, especially when the Missionaries arrived and required them to completely cover up from head to toe and the Hula was banned for 50 years. Then the Hawaiians basically took control back from the missionaries and with that brought back their traditional Hula attire. We ended the night with some Hawaiian influenced dessert. The Luau overall was a pretty fantastic way to start off our final week of our trip.


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