Big Island/Maui 2016 – Day 1

Today was our last transfer flight before the final flight home. We woke up and drove to the airport, dropped off our Jeep and grabbed some breakfast. This airport was especially cool because they had a group of older women dancing hula in the lounge. They sang songs, danced the hula, and invited little ones up to dance with them. We watched them sing and dance for a while before we headed to our gate. Our plane eventually arrived which turned out to be a tiny propeller plane. We knew everyone on the flight. The flight lasted for about 45 minutes and was pretty bumpy.

We landed in Maui and picked up our sweet brand new top of the line black convertible Mustang. My next car. We headed towards the condo we would be staying at and enjoyed the views of the island. M has never been to Hawaii and K has not visited Maui since Elementary school. So it came much to our surprise when we found that a lot of Maui consists of desert. We thought this was considered one of the most beautiful islands so seeing a lot of dead land was pretty surprising.

M and I stopped by the grocery store and then went to our condo, which was amazing. It had everything we needed and more. It was comfy, clean, and homy and when you have been living out of a backpack for the past 30 days, this is super important.

We settled in, did some laundry and got ready to drive somewhere for dinner. Which was a must since we had this fancy new Mustang.


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