Oahu 2016 – Day 6

We woke up hoping to hike Diamond Head but jet lag got the best of us and we slept in. We woke up and got ready for something that has been on M’s bucket list for quit a while. Today we are swimming with dolphins!! We got ready then headed over to our pick up location. The drive was beautiful and took us through a very high end neighborhood. Where we have decided to retire one day.


We arrived at the Sea Life Park and had a while before the dolphins were ready to meet us. We walked around and visited a number of sea animals. We saw turtles, sea lions, penguins, hammerhead sharks, regular? sharks, fish, seals, sting rays,  and of course dolphins. We then got lunch before it was time to swim. I got Loco Moco, which I have decided I need to learn how to cook.


^ To fabulous to look at the camera….


We walked over to where dolphins were held and got suited up. We got in with a 6 year old dolphin named Nalu, the Hawaiian word for wave, and 35 year old dolphin named Kakomo. The trainers then went over a few basic rules, showed us some tricks and let us pet the dolphins. As part of the experience we then got to ride on the dolphins belly and give them kisses. It provided some great pictures….which are somewhere in our suitcases…we will find them eventually… On this trip we have been able to spend time with a lot of different animals. This was especially exciting because of how much one on one time we got to spend with them.

Following the time with the Dolphins we picked up our photos and took the bus back to our place. Our bus driver was exceptionally knowledgable. On the short ride back he talked to us about everything from gun control and Hawaiian Island biology to Krispy Kreme donuts and Hawaiian Real Estate. He was a fountain of knowledge.

We showered then went our for happy hour.

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