Oahu 2016 – Day 3

We started the day with the Dole Pinapple Plantation. M has never been to Hawaii and I have been many times. So despite the fact that he hates pineapple, I knew he would love the Largest Maze in the World. We arrived and went straight for the Dole Whip’s. Which M actually enjoyed, we then decided to start the Largest Maze in the World as we enjoyed our ice cream.
It was a long Maze. There is not a start and finish like traditional Maze’s, rather they give you a card and you have to visit 8 different points and get the stencil from each point. The entire maze took us 58 minutes. The record is 10 minutes and the average is 45 minutes, however we assume this average includes all the cheaters that crawl through the bushes and use the map provided. We did not use the map nor did we cheat so I think we actually set a new record.


Following the maze we picked up a Christmas Ornament, something we have started collecting more of on our trips, and headed to North Shore. We wanted to go to the Waimea Bay Beach Park but parking was terrible so we headed to Mokuleia beach in Waialua. It was super windy, which made for a sandy lunch but some great wind surfing. We watched them surf the waves, which looked extremely difficult. After some beach time we did some shopping along north shore.


Wanting to see more of Northern Oahu we did a quick search for things to do in the area and we found Laniakea beach where you can’t really spend an afternoon but are guaranteed to see some turtles. We saw 3! It was M’s first time seeing a wild turtle and we were told that if you went snorkeling you would see more. M checked and only saw some Angel fish.

I was craving sea food, strange, and M said he saw a place on the drive in. So we went back and tried it out, unfortunately we did not check the prices. It was expensive but we enjoyed some fish and it was pretty good. We still like our hole in the wall places better.

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