Oahu 2016 – Day 2

Our first day in Oahu we had to go to my favorite place in the entire world Lanakai beach. We drove to the east side and enjoyed our first evening on the beach sun bathing, snorkeling and enjoying our lunch. The beach was absolutely gorgeous and while it was a little more crowded then what we are use to we still had a blast.

Around the late afternoon we had to head to the Honolulu area to see Pearl Harbor. I have seen the USS Arizona memorial a couple times but this was M’s first visit. We walked through the displays and then went on our tour. The tour started with a video presentation explaining what happened at Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941. We were then led to a boat and sent to the memorial which stands over the USS Arizona. The ship has become a tomb to 900+ soldiers whose lives were taken on that day. You can still see oil from the ship seeping out into the water. We spent some time at the memorial and then took the ferry back. If you are ever in Oahu it is definitely worth making a stop. The memorial and the way it is presented is very moving.




Following the memorial we decided to search for a local hole in the wall place. We came across a Hawaiian BBQ and I tried what is possibly my newest favorite Hawaiian food. It is called, the Loco Moco. I wish I got a picture but it is basically this, white rice topped with a hamburger pattie, brown gravy and a fried egg. It is like a Hawaiian Mie Gorang. It is definitely Hawaiian comfort food at its finest. M got the Tyeraki Chicken which is always a favorite of his.

On the way back to Waikiki M stopped and got his hair cut. We thought it would be a good idea to switch it up and go with something more traditional military.

Later that evening we walked along the beach and stopped at some hotel bar for drinks. Turns out that military haircut of his got the attention of some tag chasers…

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