Oahu 2016 – Day 1

Today was probably one of the most difficult days of our trip. We took off from the Auckland New Zealand airport late at night on June 27th 2016 and landed in Honolulu Oahu at 7:30AM on June 27th 2016. Time change is a very weird thing. Unfortunately for us we did not sleep very much during our flight which made for a difficult day. We did not want to go straight to bed, knowing it would mess us up time wise and we were not able to check into our AirBnb until 3:00PM.  So we tried to stall ourselves with errands.

We stopped for coffee and breakfast which woke us up a little. However I kept on passing out in the car. We then went to a local military base where M tried to finish some forms that needed attention. We went grocery shopping in an effort to save money on lunch and dinner for the remainder of the trip and attempted to check into our Airbnb, 2 hours early. Fortunately the room was ready and we checked in.

After a shower and pretty good nap, we woke up and walked Waikiki beach. We then went to dinner at Cheeseburger Paradise. We be enjoyed a burger and some fries, with a drink that would only be complete with an umbrella.

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