New Zealand 2016 – Day 2

We had another long drive today. We started a little later than the previous day, but woke up and made some coffee to start our morning before heading off toward the Coromandel Pennisula. Once we got to the east coast of New Zealand, we drove around to explore the local towns and beaches. We stopped in a cafe for lunch and asked about a local winery. We continued down the road for a few minutes to a small place. Our wine tasting was quite different from any that we have ever experienced. Our “host” was full of energy or liqueur. Half the stuff he said went right past us as he talked too fast and with a strong accent. Our wine tasting consisted of only one wine, and many different liqueurs. He informed us that the name of the kiwi fruit is actually just an American creation, and that the kiwis of New Zealand barely grow or eat them. Our host was kind enough to donate a large shovel for the real reason we travelled so far. On the east coast of the Coromandel Pennisula, there is a unique tectonic phenomenon. Perfectly located on the beach, between two rocks, is a hot springs that slowly bubbles out through the sand during low tide. It is at this time that you can walk onto the cool sand and find a spot where warm waters seeps out. With our shovel we dug out a small natural hot tub, where we laid in, or stuck your toes in, and enjoyed the amazing views as the sun slowly set behind us. After leaving the beach, we returned the shovel and began our drive back to our place. We stopped to pick up some takeout and watched a movie before heading to bed.




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