Australia/New Zealand 2016 – Day 7

Today was a travel day. We woke up early to catch our flight from Sydney to Auckland. We took a quick 3 hour flight and landed in Auckland aroun 3:30PM. Since we were planning on doing activities pretty far from Auckland we decided to rent a car. Which meant M had to learn how to drive on the left side of the road and on the right side of the car. Assisting him felt like one of those brain exercises to keep sharp. The drive from the airport consisted of small reminders to stay in the left lane.

We loved our New Zealand AirBnb. Like a lot of the Airbnb places we have stayed at, it gives you an experience that no hotel can provide. We drove up a hill near Auckland to a house hidden away in the tropical forest of the hillside. There we met Kim who showed us to her guest house. The guest house consisted of a room with a bead facing a giant wall of windows. We could see right out into the tropical forest filled with ferns, trees and bushes. It was really very beautiful. She assured us the room would be private despite the large window and suggested some places for us to eat.

We picked up some pizza and were in for the night.

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