Australia 2016 – Day 5

We had a slow morning, but got up and enjoyed some of the breakfast our hose left us. We then walked threw the botanical gardens to the Sydney Opera House and Bridge to take some photos and walk around. We walked around the city and ended up at Lord Nelsons, the oldest continues pub and hotel in Australia. M had a beer and we both enjoyed some lunch.


After walking around a bit more we walked the Sydney Harbor Bridge and took some photos. We heard that many Australians actually like the bridge more then the Opera House and after visiting Sydney we could understand why. It is.a very beautiful bridge overlooking the city.


Following our walk, we went to a showing of Finding Dory. Which we felt was super appropriate being in Sydney. However, turns out the movi takes place in Caliofornia. Go figure, we see finding memo in California and fly across the globe to Sydney and watch Finding Dory.

We both loved the movie and I squealed every time baby Dory showed up.

Following the Movie we had dinner at the Sydney Tower Buffet. The view was incredible and we got to enjoy a wide range of Australian food. Granted I may have gotten a little dizzy in a constantly spinning room but nothing some Kangaroo couldn’t fix.



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