Australia 2016 – Day 3

On our third day in Australia we had another early morning. We woke up and got ready to see some of Australia’s most famous animals at the Cairns Rainforest Station.

We got on a bus and were driven up into the tropical mountains. Our tour started with a boomerang demonstration. Having never seen a boomerang being thrown, it was pretty cool. Then, we all got a chance to attempt to throw a boomerang. M threw his like he had been practicing for years. I, however, threw mine right into the ground. If I were a Native Australian I would not be eating bird anytime soon.

After the boomerang demonstration they showed us how to play the Digeriedoo. Fortunately, they did not give us the opportunity to practice. We were then led to a large field where they demonstrated spear throwing. Which they need more practice with. After the demonstrations they put on a show for us. Which was essentially a bunch of the tribal men performing cultural dancing. This varied from war dances to dances to scare off snakes. Yet again, another interesting experience.
Our tour group was then led to a duck tour. We all boarded WW2 amphibious vehicle and trekked through the jungle. We saw lots of different types of plants, ferns, and a butterfly.

Following the duck tour we went and got to have a very memorable experience. I got to hold a Koala! Her name is Jackie and she was absolutely adorable. While she did have sharpe claws I just wanted to run off and cuddle with her. Then M got to hold a 5 year old salt water crocodile. He was pretty thrilled.

Following our time with the animals we walked through a mini zoo. We saw a Dingo, Koalas, a Tazmanian Devil, a Cassowary, Crocodile (Jack the Riper),  and Kangaroos! We bought some Kangaroo food and got to spend some time with them. Which I especially loved.

Then we had lunch….and tried Kangaroo….

Following lunch we were driven to a local marketplace. We picked up some souvenirs and sat in the park for a while before being driven back to our place.

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