Bali 2016 – Day 8

On our last ful day in Bali we decided to have a beach day. We enjoyed some breakfast and noticed Begsy was sitting on top of the fence by our pool. I attempted to feed her some beef jerky but she was not that into it. We then walked down to the beach near our hotel. We rented a couple chairs and hung out for a bit. M brought his go pro and filmed himself in some of the waves.

After the beach we stopped by a restaurant and enjoyed some lunch. We noticed a lot of restaurants in Bali have pools. You can eat, swim, and drink for a couple hours. However, we were exhausted so we just ate and returned to our room. We hung around the pool at our villa until it was time for dinner. We went to the restaurant next to our villa, which had become a favorite of ours. We again saw the cat, Begsy and fed her a few fries. I am pretty sure she is pregnate. We almost got a cat…

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