Bali 2016 – Day 4

Today we made the switch from Ubud to Kuta. A city closer to the southern beaches of Bali. We woke up, had breakfast, packed, and met with our driver for the ride down. About an hour and a half later we arrived at our Villa. Having. An hour until. Check in we went to a neighboring restaurant. We ate Calimari, Bintang (an Indonesian Beer), and Mie Goreng, friend noodles with meat and typically a sunny side up egg on top. It has become a favorite of ours. After a second Bintang and some ice cream we went to our villa and were amazed.

Our Villa door start outside and open to a stone garden, hammock, private pool and jacuzzi. We then can enter our villa through a series of folding doors. A living room, kitchen, canopy bed, and open shower makes this probably one of the nicest places we have ever stayed at.

We walked to the beach, which required a walk through an unfortunate neighborhood. However, the beach seemed great and the water was so warm even at night. We had dinner at an international pub and saw a rat. So that was an experience.

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