Bali 2016 – Day 9

Today was our last day on the island of Bali. We woke up after sleeping in a little and packed our bags. Begsy visited us before we left, and we gave her some more snacks as we said goodbye. We then ate our own delicious breakfast and watched some TV until the last possible moment before check out. We left our little stunning hotel and were off to the airport to wait for our red eye flight to Australia. We thought that to pass the nine hours, we would just go to the luxury lounge and have free wifi, food, and drinks. However, since Virgin Australia only has two flights a day out of Bali, and they are both at 10:10 PM, there was no staff available at the check-in counter for us to check our bags. This meant we found lunch, and grabbed a few beers to pass the first five hours until the first staff showed up and allowed us to check in and head through security. We then headed to the loung, charged our mobile devices, and got our food and drinks in before heading to our gate. We had another security check before getting on a shuttle bus that took us out to our plane. We thought that, given the late flight, we would not have a problem with falling asleep; we were wrong.


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