Bali 2016 – Day 3

We woke up pretty early today. Snacked until our breakfast arrived at 830. Banana pancakes and Jaffles. We got ready and walked to the Ubud market, about 20 minutes away in 100% humidity.

The Ubud marke is like most tourist markets. A lot of the same tourist trinkets with some variations. We saw a lot of products that we already had seen at the textile factory and wood carving shop. Just insanely discounted. M got a tshirt, I got some pants with elephants on them. We got some cool salt and pepper holders for our new apartment. And a little elephant Hindu statue. Which M plans to put in his office some day with al his other collectibles from our travels.
Following the Ubud market we went for lunch. M saw Sangria on the menu and I explained that it is basically white win with fruit in it. Well, I was wrong. Turns out in Bali they use Arak. Which is basically Balinese moonshine. We did not learn this until M googled it after our lunch. Where he found multiple articles advising to stay away from it because if it is not made right you can get Methanol Poisoning…. Hi Mom, yes we are fine… Anyways, we have decided to stay away from it for the rest of the trip. Which should not be hard because it tasted like spoiled oranges. On the plus side, going on day 4 and no stomach issues.

Walking back we saw a Starbucks and had to go in. Sometimes you need a break and have two act like an American. I firmly believe my S’more Frappicino is what saved us from the methanol poisoning…thank you Starbucks.

 We walked back to our Villa and spent some time by the pool. Then tried some fruit M wanted to test. From the Ubud market.

Finally, we went to a restaurant that our Villa highly suggested. Now, it did not look completely sanitary or safe to eat at. But our villa suggested it and it was probably the busiest restaurant we have seen since we arrived. We ordered Margeritas and spare ribs with some homemade onion rings. They were fall off the bone tender and so good.

Excellent 3rd day.

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