Bali 2016 – Day 2

Elephant Bathe & Breakfast!

We woke up early and skipped the hotel breakfast because we were dinning with the elephants! We were picked up by our driver, 45 minutes late, and were taken to the elephant safari park. Once we got there we had mixed feelings. The elephants all appeared to be on very short chains and trying to walk away. Not a great start.

They led us to an area where there were two small elephants and a hose. Along with a group of people, we took turns washing the elephants. Their skin was amazingly thick and leathery with very corse hair. Just being near them was intimidating. I was freaking out while M was talking to the elephant like she was his dog.

We were then lead to a giant walk in pond\lake where we were going to swim with the elephants. I again, was flipping out. M hopped right on and rode the elephant like a horse, as she went under the water, walked around, and even let M stand on her back. I on the other hand, felt like I was going to fall off sitting on their shoulder blades and tilting with every step she took. We just walked around the pond. I preferred not to go in the poo infested waters.

We were taken to shower and provided an amazing buffet breakfast.

Following breakfast, they set up the elephants so we could ride them together through a forest.

Once we returned we fed the baby elephants. It was especially cute because they would have a big can of bamboo we would pick from, then we could go over and feed it to the elephants. We would hand it to their trunks and they would determine if our selection sweet enough to their liking. If not they would throw the bamboo down on the ground and demand some more.

Following their feeding we watched a show, as they performed some tricks. Like “shooting a basketball” and “painting”.

We got some souvenir photos and went home.

We had lunch at a very zen place called Clear Cafe. M did not care for sitting on the floor to enjoy our lunch.

A quick dip in the pool and we took a nap… At 3:00PM…and didn’t wake up until the next morning.

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