Mount St. Michelle – Winter 2015

On our second day we traveled to the enchanting little island of Mount St. Michelle. For those of you that are not familiar with Mount St. Michelle, it is an Island off the coast of France, during high tide the island is surrounded by water. During low tide, the water recedes and you can actually walk to the island. However, it is highly discouraged due to the fact that there is sinking sand dunes. As a result there is a bridge allowing a shuttle to drive to and from the island.

The island consists of a little town with charming architecture, topped with a castle. Looking at the island it seems rather compact and small. Compact? Yes. Small? Does not feel so when traveling the island. They even have a Chinese restaurant! If it looks familiar it may be because Disney actually took note from the captivating island, shown in the movie Tangled.


We walked up the winding city where we approached the castle that tops the island. The castle is everything anyone traveling to Europe would hope it would be. With large fireplaces and beautiful courtyards, I wouldn’t mind getting trapped here.


Driving up to the island….


A view of the castle…feeling like a peasant….


Observing the walls, how they kept the water out…


Looking at the low tide, fairly windy out…






The gorgeous chapel…


The courtyard of the castle…




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