Normandy – Winter 2015

During the 2015 Fall Semester M studied abroad in southern France. At the end of December I, along with his mother and sister, flew out to France and traveled the country a bit. We started our trip in Normandy.

On the first day we went to the D-Day beaches. It is a somber place to see. It is also misleading. The beach looks lovely, the horizon is gorgeous, everyone is dressed in normal clothes. Everything looks normal but you almost have to force yourself to remember what actually happened. Small reminders like the barracks, taken over by grass and weeds, still remain and try their best to transport you to what it some aspects may have been like.


After seeing the beaches and hills we traveled to the American D-Day cemetery, another haunting yet peaceful scene…


Our Hotel

On a happier note, the hotel we stayed at was magical. It was an old mansion turned into a bed and breakfast that sat along a small river. Complete with Swans. Yes, swans. It was as if Belle herself was going to come great us.


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